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Phoenix Manslaughter Defense Attorney

Manslaughter charges may not be murder, but to those accused of such an act, it can feel like the same situation. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorneys want you to know that your charges are defensible regardless of what happened. Blischak Law Firm takes the time to investigate the facts and share prosecutorial inconsistencies as we discover them.

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Clients and peers have recommended our legal services for over 40 years. Find out more about your legal options and how we could defend against violent criminal penalties. Get your Free Consultation with Blischak Law Firm by calling (480) 333-4444 or sending a message here.

Blischak Law Firm Defends Manslaughter Charges in Arizona

The Phoenix manslaughter attorneys at Blischak Law Firm have handled numerous complex manslaughter cases in Arizona. Our extensive courtroom experience and legal knowledge have achieved results that come highly rated by peers and satisfied clients.

We will help you or your loved one defend against AZ manslaughter charges defined under ARS 13-1103:

  • Caused the negligent death of another person
  • Committed second-degree murder by provocation
  • Provided the means for assisted suicide to an adult
  • Forced someone else to commit second-degree murder
  • Caused an unborn child’s death by physically injuring the mother
  • Encouraged a minor to commit suicide with knowledge of intent

Manslaughter is not murder; the elements of pre-meditation and intent are different. However, a carefully planned and researched defense strategy is imperative if you or your arrested family member want a fighting chance at exoneration. Blischak Law Firm will identify the defensible points of your charges and carry out your chosen approach.

Manslaughter Conviction Penalties Are Severe

Manslaughter is a second-degree felony. Several criminal elements, such as action, circumstances, and intent, influence the penalties associated with a conviction. For example, driving under the influence can be more complicated than involuntary manslaughter. As such, you could face an enhanced sentence, but only if prosecutors can prove their allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. In the event this has happened, contact our DUI/DWI defense attorneys in Phoenix to learn more.

Our Phoenix manslaughter attorneys will defend you against the following standard sentences per ARS 13-702:

  • Presumptive: Up to five years
  • Minimum: Up to four years
  • Maximum: Up to ten years
  • Mitigated: Up to three years
  • Aggravated: Up to 12.5 years

Judges can increase or decrease these numbers according to the degree of severity proven by prosecutors and only after a jury trial conviction. However, due process of the law affords you a chance to challenge their theories, evidence, methodologies, assertions, and application of the law. If you hire us to represent your case, Blischak Law Firm will devote a significant focus of your defense around these concepts to identify where police and prosecutors may have gotten their allegations wrong.

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Our Phoenix manslaughter attorneys understand the sensitivity of manslaughter cases and work hard to provide our clients with viable options. Experience, knowledge, and focus have allowed us to provide aggressive defenses backed by more than 40 years of trials, hearings, and pleading drafts. Learn more about your options and how Blischak Law Firm could help during a confidential and Free Consultation at (480) 333-4444 or online.