About Our Firm

Lead by the highly experienced John Blischak, Blischak Law attorneys Andrew Blischak and David Mize are committed to excellent results in our clients’ cases and a serious hard work ethic.

Andrew and David benefit from the outstanding reputation of their supervising attorney, John Blischak. This reputation has been earned through an extensive career and many success’s practicing law here in the Valley. For more than 40 years, Blischak Law has represented defendants in litigation, bypassed criminal charges in pre-file arrangements with law enforcement, guided the accused on the best course of action against police interaction and guided clients when constitutional rights needed to be invoked.

On the civil side, Blischak Law has litigated 7-figure cases, negotiated settlements in slip-and-falls, vehicle accidents, and torts, and has addressed other matters concerning property law, compassionate release, breach of contract disputes, civil asset forfeiture and Fair Credit Reporting Act matters. We regularly interact with United States Attorneys in Federal court, LEOs from ATF, FBI, DPS, investigators and counselors for the Office of Inspector General, Assistant Attorney Generals, all 15 Arizona County prosecutor offices, and city prosecutors. Ultimately, we know cases and clients vary in a myriad of ways, there is no case too big or too small, Blischak Law does it all.

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