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Phoenix Homicide Defense Lawyer

Homicide charges are among the most serious that a person can face as they involve allegations of extreme violence. Subsequently, Arizona laws impose severe penalties, including decades in prison, thousands in fines, and a loss of civil rights even upon release. Blischak Law Firm devises case strategies that aim to meet your objectives when you enlist the help of our Phoenix homicide attorneys.

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Why Hire Our Phoenix Homicide Defense Attorneys

The Phoenix Homicide Defense Attorneys at Blischak Law Firm serves clients throughout Arizona. We provide appropriately aggressive legal representation and exceptional customer service. Our primary focus has always been on protecting our client’s legal rights while identifying plausible scenarios to get a favorable outcome.

People have hired Blischak Law Firm for more than 40 years when they need:

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We understand that when you face criminal charges, your entire life is on the line. Blischak Law Firm will give you the individualized attention you deserve while developing a defense strategy that works toward your objectives and considers contingencies.

Blischak Law Firm Defends Arizona Criminal Homicide Charges

Arizona homicide laws recognize that there are numerous scenarios in which an individual may be responsible for the death of another. As a result, they have been divided across multiple statutes with corresponding degrees of punishment. How these rules apply will depend on the facts and circumstances of your specific situation.

The Phoenix homicide attorneys at Blischak Law Firm represent all charges under criminal homicide rules, including:

A viable defense may be available depending on the facts of your case. Our legal team has the ability to raise these defenses in court or formal pleadings while avoiding case-damaging errors. We also have long-standing relationships with expert witnesses and modern investigatory resources, which can authentically prove your side of the story.

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Our team of criminal defense lawyers in Phoenix successfully represent our client’s interests and legal rights. Blischak Law Firm will handle your case with the honesty, integrity, and gravitas it deserves.