Common Mistakes To Avoid When Facing Criminal Charges

Blischak Law July 27, 2023 Personal injury

Being charged with a criminal offense can result in severe legal consequences. How you handle the accusations from the initial encounter can have major implications toward conviction. Avoiding common mistakes and making the correct decisions is critical.

Let the trusted Phoenix criminal defense team at Blischak Law Firm successfully navigate the legal process, working to produce the best outcome in your case. From the beginning, how an attorney approaches your case will significantly shape the outcome. We will work strategically in your defense.

Giving Consent to Search

Reasonable cause must exist to search your vehicle, or the proper paperwork should be in place to search your property. Once you consent to a search, anything that is found and can incriminate you, such as drugs, can be produced as evidence against you. Law enforcement may ask you for permission to search, but you have the legal right to decline politely.

Law enforcement should not use hostile tactics or unfair coercion to force you to consent. Even cell phones are private property, and an improper search of your phone’s data is illegal.

Making Statements Unnecessarily

It is your right to have an attorney present during questioning by law enforcement. The ruling by the Supreme Court in Miranda v. Arizona guarantees your right against self-incrimination. Always stay respectful during inquiries by law enforcement, but remember that what you say or admit to them can be used against you.

Proceeding Without Legal Representation

People arrested for a crime often assume it makes them look guilty to request an attorney, but this is inaccurate. The law guarantees your right to have legal representation present during questioning, and an experienced Phoenix defense attorney can prevent you from self-incrimination, affecting the outcome of your case.

Not Taking the Charges Seriously

Any criminal charge should be taken seriously. Drug charges, particularly, are governed by federal laws stating minimum mandatory sentences for trafficking. Fines are exorbitant and jail time is often required. Even with recreational marijuana use in Arizona becoming legal, possessing over a defined amount becomes illegal.

Criminal charges have serious repercussions throughout your life. It can affect your employment status and future opportunities, impact child custody, and affect public benefits, creating devastating financial hardship.

Failing to do Adequate Research

All defense attorneys are not created equal. Choosing an attorney out of haste may be tempting because you need immediate representation. But the knowledge, skills, and abilities that an Arizona defense attorney possesses can make the difference in charges being dismissed or decreased and serving a lengthy sentence while paying thousands of dollars in fines.

Read what clients have to say about an attorney’s ability to represent their needs, and write down your list of questions. You will be sharing personal details about your life, so you must be comfortable working with a defense attorney throughout an often prolonged process.

Competent Criminal Defense in Arizona

Working with a team highly experienced in U.S., state, and county laws ensures that your representation grasps the complex legal system and how imperative a qualified Arizona criminal defense attorney can be when you are up against criminal charges. A consultation will cost you nothing, but you will walk away feeling you gained a second chance when you reach out to Blischak Law Firm. When you face criminal charges in Arizona, let us pave the way for your successful representation and defense.