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What are the Different Sentences for Non-Violent Crimes

Brian Beltz September 20, 2023 Personal injury

Arizona prisons have been cited by numerous sources for their high capacity levels and the cost that it takes to run these facilities. More options are being explored to reduce these numbers and provide alternative or different types of sentencing for non-violent crimes. When mandatory sentencing is not required, alternative punishments can offer solutions to the… read more

How Can Drug/Criminal Charges Affect Voting Rights in Arizona

Brian Beltz September 7, 2023 Personal injury

Voting is a fundamental right, allowing Arizonans to have a say in their government. Across the country, individuals convicted of a crime have been barred from taking part in this process even after completing the terms of their sentence. Slowly, changes are taking place that allow people who have served their time and met the… read more

What Is The Difference Between DUI and DWI?

Brian Beltz August 28, 2023 Personal injury

Arizona is trying very hard to curb accidents and deaths due to operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. This means the consequences are serious if you are caught driving while under the influence.  If you find yourself facing DUI or DWI charges, you may be wondering what the difference is…. read more

Should You Hire an Expert Witness For Your Criminal Defense Case

Brian Beltz August 13, 2023 Personal injury

If you are facing criminal charges, you may be concerned about who will testify on your behalf. Often, lay witnesses, or witnesses who are not experts, are the main voices that the jury will hear. In some cases, an expert witness can illustrate the facts of the case in a way that can be eye-opening… read more