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John Blischak

Mr. John W. Blischak was born in Steubenville, Ohio. After graduating from law school in Cleveland, Ohio in 1975, John W. Blischak embarked on a rewarding nine-year career as an FBI Agent with the U.S. Department of Justice commencing in Cleveland and thereafter transferring to Phoenix. Wanting to seek independence and a challenge, Mr. Blischak, voluntarily left the FBI and commenced a three-year stint as a prosecutor in the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office in the complex white-collar-crime unit where the invaluable trial experience was accumulated and thereafter Mr. Blischak ventured into sole practice in 1987.

John W. Blischak also has attained a CPA certification in Arizona and has testified in U.S. District Court in Arizona as an expert accountant. This CPA background serves as an invaluable asset for various business-minded clients.

With over 40 years of experience working in the criminal defense field as an F.B.I. Agent, Maricopa County Deputy Prosecutor and as a Criminal Defense Attorney In Arizona, Mr. John W. Blischak is now the Supervising Attorney at Blischak Law and oversees all Criminal Law cases, DUI Law Cases, and Personal Injury Cases involving automobile accidents. Attorney John W. Blischak has seen it all, Mr. Blischak’s biggest asset is his relation with prosecutors and law enforcement in ways other lawyers cannot because of his background. He is known in the legal community for his honesty, forthrightness, and personal charm. If you or someone you know is facing criminal charges or has been involved in an automobile accident, it is comforting to know that your attorney knows so many angles and opportunities to work any case inside and out.

Andrew Blischak

Growing up, Mr. Andrew J. Blischak was exposed immensely to the legal world.  Mr. Blischak’s stepfather was a Judge in Pinal County Superior Court, his mother a legal assistant, his uncle general counsel for a Fortune 500 company, and his father, John W Blischak, an F.B.I. Agent, Prosecutor, and Defense Attorney in Phoenix for over 40 years, it was only natural to work in the legal profession.

Mr. Andrew J. Blischack acquired his Bachelor’s Degree of Political Science in 2009 from Arizona State University.  From there, Mr. Blischak obtained his Master’s degree of Science in Leadership from South University, which is in the State of Georgia. He then graduated as a Juris Doctor Cum Laude from Arizona Summit School of Law.  While in Law School, Andrew J. Blischak interned at the Mesa Prosecutor’s Office in downtown Mesa, Az. He learned the “in’s and out’s” of a variety of criminal cases such as DUI’s, shopliftingassault, domestic violence, drug cases, and other criminal charges.   Before prosecutor work, Andrew J. Blischak interned for two successful criminal defense, and personal injury firms, where he learned how to successfully defend criminal charges as well as aggressively fight for a high settlement in accident cases. Mr. Blischak was involved in client consultations and set realistic and honest evaluations of cases. Attorney Andrew J. Blischak continues to stay on top of changes in Arizona case law to fight for clients’ needs.

Attorney Andrew J. Blischak is currently one of the Attorneys at Blischak Law.  Mr. Blischak has successfully resolved misdemeanors, and Felony cases in the State of Arizona preventing jail or prison terms.

Client Testimonials

Words cannot explain how much these guys helped me. I’m just grateful and really appreciate the hard work they did. Protecting my rights. The knowledge and attention to detail of the law are amazing!honest and good people! Highly recommend! Thank you guys!!

Nick Panes

I want to thank lawyer Andrew Blischak for the excellent representation of me in court here in the state of Arizona. Defending my rights and obtaining excellent results. I recommend Blischak Law to anyone that may be in need of a legal representative in court. They offer excellent service, easy to contact and dedicated to fight for your rights.

Omar Robledo

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to John Blischak for representing and doing an awesome job winning my case. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and humor to ease my nerves. I would totally recommend him to others. And I would also like to thank Maribel for her kindness and great communication skills.

Natalie Mejia

I would highly recommend this firm in almost any situation they provide me with excellent service, and a quick recovery to my situation. what to expect from this law firm is to be treated like family with accuracy and professional skills resolve your case. I was treated with compassion and care.

John Mah

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