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White Collar Crime

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that, according to a number of statistical studies in the United States and elsewhere, white-collar crimes are on the rise. This is due to a number of factors, most of them tied in one way or another to the expansion of technology. Because so much data is available on the internet, the range of crimes that can be committed online is increasing exponentially.

If you have been arrested for a white-collar crime, you already know that you are in legal jeopardy, at risk of heavy fines and lengthy imprisonment. If you live and work in Arizona, Blischak Law Firm, an accomplished team of criminal defense attorneys based in Phoenix, is prepared to defend you with strength, acuity, and compassion. We are aware of the intricacies and scope of white-collar crime and have a well-earned reputation for successful courtroom defense.

White Collar Crime Defined

White-collar crime is a crime committed in order to make financial gain through deceit. It is not a violent form of crime, though in certain cases, force and coercion may be used to perpetuate it or conceal it. White-collar crime seriously affects tremendous numbers of people annually, depriving them of their hard-earned wages, savings, and investments, and depleting businesses, corporations, government agencies, and public and private schools. At Blischak Law Firm, we are well aware of how easy it is to get sucked into white-collar crime, at times because someone you work with has already paved the way, and at other times because you take a small misstep that goes unnoticed, enticing you to commit a bigger indiscretion. Whatever the reason you have been arrested, we always assume that you are innocent until proven guilty and work diligently to defend your rights and your freedom. 

Types Of White Collar Crime And Fraud

There are a great many varieties of white-collar crime, including:

Credit card fraud
Identity theft
Immigration fraud
Insurance fraud
Internet fraud
Money laundering
Mortgage/real estate fraud
Ponzi schemes

Some of these categories of white-collar crime, for instance, rico charges, overlap into various other types of criminal behavior.

Possible Defenses Against White Collar Crimes

Depending on the circumstances, your criminal defense attorney may base your defense on one of the following:


Duress, meaning the illegal act was committed under threat of serious harm or damage
Ignorance of the illegality of an act that was done at the behest of a superior
Impaired judgment by reason of intoxication, medication, or mental incapacity
Entrapment by authorities

Entrapment is the most common defense used in cases of white-collar crime.

Contact Our Phoenix Fraud Defense Lawyer

At Blischak Law Firm we have comprehensive, in-depth knowledge of the statutes regarding all types of white-collar crime and the legal know-how to defend you against any and all charges. We also have the resources and capability to perform thorough investigations and to interview witnesses with pertinent knowledge of the events. In addition, we know experts in related fields, such as forensic accounting and appraising, who can be invaluable in providing information to help us determine how best to strategize a defense in your particular case. If you have been arrested for a white-collar crime, do yourself a favor and get in touch with Blischak’s skilled attorneys to give yourself the best possible chance of a successful outcome. We can be reached by phone or by filling out the contact form.

Client Testimonials

Words cannot explain how much these guys helped me. I’m just grateful and really appreciate the hard work they did. Protecting my rights. The knowledge and attention to detail of the law are amazing!honest and good people! Highly recommend! Thank you guys!!

Nick Panes

I want to thank lawyer Andrew Blischak for the excellent representation of me in court here in the state of Arizona. Defending my rights and obtaining excellent results. I recommend Blischak Law to anyone that may be in need of a legal representative in court. They offer excellent service, easy to contact and dedicated to fight for your rights.

Omar Robledo

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to John Blischak for representing and doing an awesome job winning my case. I cannot thank him enough for his professionalism and humor to ease my nerves. I would totally recommend him to others. And I would also like to thank Maribel for her kindness and great communication skills.

Natalie Mejia

I would highly recommend this firm in almost any situation they provide me with excellent service, and a quick recovery to my situation. what to expect from this law firm is to be treated like family with accuracy and professional skills resolve your case. I was treated with compassion and care.

John Mah

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